At Confidence to Speak we work with wide a range of clients from varied backgrounds and industries.

We understand that each and every client has different needs and goals which is why our speech coaching services are individually tailored. Whether you need to work on a board room presentation, need expert guidance and tuition to help overcome speech challenges or need help with the confidence to deliver that memorable speech, we can help.

Below are some testimonials from our clients.

"Donald is a valuable coach and mentor for any engineer progressing into leadership. As an engineer I often overlook the fundamentals of communication, becoming overly focussed on content. Donald's skill is his ability to give you the insight as to how your messages are being received and then the tools and confidence to deliver the messages you want to get across. I therefore highly recommend Donald."

Mike Churchill, CEO Churchill Drilling Tools

"Donald worked with me to improve the strength of my voice (which as a minister is important to fulfilling my role), following a bad bout of laryngitis. He gave me techniques and exercises that helped tremendously. We also worked on diction and speed of delivery. He was very helpful. I am happy to recommend Donald."

Shuna Dicks, Parish Minister

"I first met Donald years ago when he worked with my son, following a diagnosis of Dyslexia. From being told he was ‘slow’ at school, he’s gone on to be in a senior ranking position, overseas, in the oil industry. The assistance from Donald was immeasurable!! I’ve also attended sessions with Donald, supporting me with his expertise both in Therapeutic Speech and with his coaching skills. I rate his work highly. His expertise helped me through many of my life challenges. Donald, Thank You."

"My wedding speech was a resounding success. I agreed to do the ‘father of the bride’ speech at my daughter’s wedding. While I am used to public speaking in my professional life, I knew that this could be a very emotional time and so I decided a bit of specialist help was required. I’m so glad I found Donald. His calm and supportive approach helped me to hear the bits that worked and the passages I needed to change. I would never have been so confident with my delivery without his help. I highly recommend him to anyone giving a wedding speech."

Elizabeth Wallace Chief Executive, Avenue

"I first started seeing Donald two years ago, not only struggling with my speaking, but struggling with my confidence as well. My friends and family where often struggling to understand me on daily basis. My confidence was at an all-time low. I decided to attend weekly therapeutic speech sessions with Donald. He was excellent company throughout these sessions. Donald is extremely easy to talk to and the sessions helped me become much more confident. I can attribute this to Donald helping me with my speaking. I am very grateful to Donald for everything."

Scott Rutherford, Health and Safety Officer

"I had therapeutic speech sessions with Donald last year for 12 consecutive weeks. I found the sessions to be of upmost value. I felt that by engaging in the exercises and maintaining them through practice between the sessions, I benefitted greatly. always enjoyed the sessions with Donald. He’s very approachable. I felt at ease trying out new exercises and found him to be very open and encouraging."