Speech Coaching

What is Speech Coaching?

Communicating and being understood are basic human needs. Communicating effectively to be readily understood is a functional ability that can be thwarted due to various reasons, including psychological, emotional and/or physical challenges.

Speaking, forming speech and more specifically speech development enhances inner strengthening and can inform global form. Speech development is typically assigned to early child development; however, it can happen throughout a lifespan.

Speech is an art, with artistic laws that define its expression. Speech coaching increases speaking skills, which drives an increase in self-awareness, self-directing, self-affirmation and self-confidence. Combined with principles of executive coaching, speech coaching is also an inner journey that can unblock hindrances to communication and/or expression.

Speech coaching at Confidence to Speak is based on holistic and person-centred principles that facilitate goal or process driven outcomes. The speech model itself places the formation and activity of speech as a cornerstone of human wellbeing, self-experience and self-expression in its widest sense. This model is coupled with various Executive Coaching models, the chief one being the Gestalt coaching model. Gestalt is closely aligned with principles of self-awareness, holism, personal growth and development, and depth of discovery. Principles of performance coaching are also incorporated, while co-creative coaching is the preferred relational stance with clients.

My own coaching practice developed from my work as a therapeutic speech practitioner – a holistic therapy based on the anthroposophic medicine healthcare model. Therapeutic speech is an active therapy. As such, coaching and encouraging clients to engage with the activities enhanced their outcomes.

Coaching became more frontline for me when I started a dedicated speech coaching practice, targeting presentation skills, public speaking, confident speaking, job interviews and auditions and accent softening. This led me to further training in executive coaching to enhance my skill set and to develop my speech coaching. My unique speech coaching model is expressed in the company I started, Confidence to Speak Ltd.

Clients include people in the private, public and charity sectors, that include business leaders, teachers, lecturers, entrepreneurs, and other people aiming to improve their speaking skills and grow in confidence to speak in various work and life situations.

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Donald Phillips is a highly successful and experienced Speech Coach, Executive Coach and Therapeutic Speech Practitioner. Donald is based in Aberdeen but works across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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