Our speech coaching gives you effective tools to develop greater confidencee to speak in a range of situations, be it at work, social or interpersonal relationships. Confidence speech coaching uncovers hidden inner blocks that hinder communication while positively strengthening speaking skills to help manage or overcome the blocks. Clients become more confident in their presentation skills, in their public speaking abilities, and their ability to speak from their heart.


Only a small percentage of people feel naturally confident when speaking to a group of people, whatever the size. Speaking with confidence is often acquired through repetition, fun and experience.

However, you may feel your voice doesn’t convey your thoughts or emotions effectively. Or you may feel overwhelmed when speaking to a large group. In these cases speech coaching can give tremendous support to enhance your speaking skills and be a more effective communicator, whether for your work or in social situations. By enrolling in individual speech coaching sessions you can learn to achieve the following:

  • Speak confidently anywhere, to any audience
  • Command attention from your audience
  • Feel confident at social events
  • Speak from your heart, not just from your head
  • Get your message across the first time
  • Make yourself heard in a crowd
  • Get that job you've always wanted

For most, the road to developing confident speaking is a journey of self-discovery and personal development.


Is presenting your work a problem? Does your voice lack expression?

If your voice and body quIver from nerves, you experience mental absence or your throat goes dry easily, take heart. You can learn to develop presentation strategies punctuated with expressive speaking to help you achieve success.

Coaching sessions include:

  • Identifying and addressing problem areas
  • Learning presentation strategies
  • Reviewing and revising current presentations
  • Engaging in mock presentations

Whatever your presentation challenge is, speech coaching can be invaluable


Public speaking is feared more than death. But it needn’t produce such fear.

Public speaking follows very simple rules. You will learn these rules plus discover the range of your voice, the power of your speech and how conviction, persuasion, emotion, humour and warmth are tools to be developed and used to make your public talk successful.

Through simple exercises and games the sting and mystery is taken out of public speaking. You will learn to rely on your voice, relax in yourself and build your confidence, talk by talk. You will learn to put your audience at ease while they listen to your every word. Eventually, you will also learn to be self-reflective, to be your own critic and tutor.

Whether you are called upon to give a public speech for work, for a special occasion or for a social event, a few sessions of speech coaching can take the edge off that nagging feeling of fear and replace it with a growing feeling of confidence.

As King George VI said “I have a voice!” Let yours ring out.


You’ve been asked to give a speech at your best friend’s wedding. But you’re terrified!! Fortunately you’re not alone. A survey conducted in America showed the majority of those surveyed feared public speaking more than death. Don’t despair, though. With some gentle, effective coaching and some good preparation you can deliver on the day in style.

Take the opportunity over a few speech coaching sessions to hone your content, learn the simple and effective exercises to keep the nerves at bay and receive expert advice and feedback on your presentation. Through a step-by-step process you can become a more confident speaker who can tap into and subtly express the various nuances of emotions on a wedding day. You will learn how to command the audience’s attention, from warm-hearted bantering to light jokes and moments of intimate reflection on the couple. A well-focussed and heart-felt speech will send the happy couple into their future with a cherished memory.

Book an initial session to discuss your needs and hear how speech coaching can help. It can make the difference between just getting through the speech and making a lasting impression.


Many non-native English speakers will struggle at some time with pronouncing English vowels accurately. With 26 different vowel sounds it’s no wonder! You needn’t lose your native identity and unique sound to speak English well.

With our accent softening programme you will learn to:

  • Enhance your English articulation skills
  • Differentiate between similar sounding English vowels
  • Learn the right sound placements for English sounds
  • Hear, imitate and speak well-modulated English
  • Transfer your new skills and gain self-confidence

By following our simple programme you will begin seeing results in just a few weeks. Your friends and family will notice the change. More importantly, you will experience the change, and feel more confident.


Whether auditioning for a place at drama school or interviewing for that must-have job or university placement, we can help you increase your chances of success. Don’t let nerves or an inexpressive voice hold you back.