This therapeutic speech practice helps children and adults with functional speech challenges and conditions; for instance, delayed speech acquisition in children, or lisping, stammering, vocal weakness, excessive throat clearing, mumbling and speaking too quickly. It also offers a well-being therapy to manage a wider scope of health complaints, including breathing and stress-related disorders, anxiety, panic, life uncertainties and challenges when life becomes ‘stuck’.



Breath therapy gives you the tools to relieve stress and be in control when stress threatens health.

The simple breath exercises combat stress in everyday situations. You learn how to breathe in fully and breathe out completely, relaxing as you do so. The exercises can be applied or adapted during the workday, in everyday situations or when at home. They relieve everyday pressures and help you come back to yourself, giving you a chance to rest and recover.

Breath therapy can help:

  • Panic/Anxieties
  • Migraine headaches
  • Stress related digestion problems
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia (Sleeplessness)
  • Sleep apnea


Integrate SpeechWork stimulates wellbeing. It integrates the forces of speech - speech sounds, speech rhythms, movement and the breath – leading to enhanced inner coherence, which is responsible for health, wellbeing and life engagement. It is a therapy for both speaking and non-speaking children and adults.

During sessions of Integrate SpeechWork you will follow individually tailored sequences of speech or breath exercises, combined with directed movement. Poetry is sometimes spoken for its rhythm, breath use and its expressiveness. For non-speaking people, directed movement is central to the therapy.

Integrate SpeechWork is beneficial in managing a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Speech delay, lisping, stammering
  • Voice problems, hoarseness
  • Low stamina, nodules
  • Developmental challenges, ADHD, dyspraxia
  • Recurring infections: ear, nose, throat, chest
  • Breathing disorders
  • Depression, low self esteem
  • Stress related disorders: panic/anxiety
  • Speech symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease
  • Cardiovascular: hypertension, arrythmia

Whatever your presentation challenge is, speech coaching can be invaluable



Gain confidence to self-manage high blood pressure.

ExHale, a lifestyle management programme, can help you lower your blood pressure. If blood pressure medication is needed ExHale can help you reduce it to minimum levels.

You will learn simple breathing exercises aimed at re-educating breathing habits and reducing breathing rate. In essence, you learn how to breathe slower and breathe out – or exhale - completely, an activity which is reported to lower blood pressure.

ExHale also coaches you on effects of lifestyle and stress on high blood pressure; changes that can be made to both lifestyle and diet; and stress-management strategies.

Along with an overall reduction in blood pressure, other benefits reported by previous programme participants include:

  • Reduced overall stress levels
  • Better management of stressful times
  • Increased accessibility of 'tummy' breathing
  • Lower breathing rate
  • Lower anxiety rate
  • Greater ability to 'help yourself' and be in charge

Participants in ExHale Therapy say:

  • "From the beginning it was clear the therapy was very beneficial."
  • "I feel really positive that I can feel well again."
  • "It is an excellent programme!"